Reading Room Cafe Project Publishing

Reading Room Cafe Project Publishing is the publishing and fundraising offshoot of the Reading Room Project.  We aim to offer affordable publishing to talented writers.  Using competitions we intend to find the best writers we can and offer them hard copies of their books.

My bestie, Rachel, and I have had an idea about a bookshop in our minds since we met in a high school ICT class and became firm friends.  Reading Room Publishing is an attempt to get creative people involved in the project and be able to offer them something in return.

We aim to create a place for books to be sold and swapped, a home for knitting and book circles, a platform for writers, musicians, actors and artists to showcase their work, and a sanctuary for a nice piece of cake and a cuppa.

 I am a writer myself, and the first time I held a copy of my own work in my hands,albeit some ghost written trash with someone else’s name on the cover, I got such a rush.  I want others to feel that too.  I’ve written all sorts of things since then, and while some of my books do have my own name on them, they never really felt like mine, there was always someone else in control.

 I looked at self publishing, but it can be an expensive and risky venture, and a lot of competitions that have publication as a “prize” don’t really care about the writers involved and ask winners to buy their own books from them.  This never felt like much of a prize to me, so I started looking into what I could do about it.

The Reading Room Cafe Project aims, eventually, to be a teashop and book-bar that will stock indie titles and host book signings for any writer who wishes to come along.  We want to showcase all sorts of other talent too, like comedy, music and drama.

We are a brand new indie publisher.  We’re just starting out and we’re always open to new ideas.  For the moment we will mainly be publishing work that is important to us but as our portfolio grows we might look at expanding our range too.

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