E.K. Lea author page

E.K. Lea has been writing for and entertaining children since 2001 and has ghost written a number of successful books.  She is now working on books of her own.  She lives in secret in an attic with a hyperactive rescue lab/lurcher and an angry feral cat.


Saving Time is the first in a series of dystopian adventures for young adults/older children.  In a not too distant future, in a world where lawlessness reigns and no one looks for missing children 12 year old Tag is running for his life. He’s stolen something, he’s not sure what, from the Church Street Gang and they are hunting him down.

When he finally gets a chance to investigate the package Tag takes it to a strange curiosity shop where Deli, a girl from his past, is living under a different name with an old man. The discovery of the true relevance of the object together with news of another missing item throws the children into a battle to save time itself.

Tacky the Dolphin is the first in a series of books for younger children, it’s a beautiful book with stunning illustrations by artist Maggie Lea (www.maggieleafineartwork.co.uk)

It’s Emma’s day out with her dad, and she’s having a miserable time in the rain. To cheer her up, her dad buys her a tacky metallic dolphin balloon, but that is just the beginning of her adventure.

Using only her wit, a pair of not-very-good children’s safety scissors and the advice of a grumpy inflatable, Emma disappears into the night to save some entangled wildlife from the sea. But how will she get there? and what will her mother say in the morning.

E.K.lea is available for readings and workshops in schools, libraries and bookshops

fee- £0-£50 depending on type of visit (£0 for a reading, £50 for a full morning/ afternoon workshop)

Time limits – 15 mins reading 5-10 mins questions.  She will usually stay all day in a school flitting between classes.  She does need 5 mins between sessions to compose herself/ find the next class room!

Requirements – The school must send home postcards (which we provide) the week before she comes in and must display a poster (which we provide) in the week leading up to the visit.