The true cost of self publishing

I’ve been reading a lot of old nonsense on the ole interwebs today about the “true cost of self publishing”.  There are literally dozens of articles that I read today, so I suspect there are hundreds, talking about how people have spent thousands and sometimes tens of thousands having their work self published, and in most cases that didn’t even include print costs.

They were all correct in that you do need a proper editor -someone who isn’t you or your bestie – to edit your work for you.  not just proof read and spell check but to go though and say “Look, this doesn’t work” or “This makes no sense” or “I’ve changed this as you seem to have changed the spelling of this guys name from John to Jon.”

They were all correct in that you do need someone who knows about design to sort out your layout and cover design.  The idea that all writers are also excellent at cover design is total crap, frankly, and looking at a lot of self published work is evidence of that.

They were all correct in that you need someone to contact reviewers and bloggers and local papers for you unless you take a couple of weeks off work to do that gubbins.  It’s important gubbins and needs someones full time attention, but if that can be you then all the better.

They were also all correct to suggest having someone else format your work for you if you don’t really know what you’re doing.  No one wants to shell out on a run of books that come out in a strange order or have page breaks and line breaks in odd places.

They were, however, wrong to suggest that it should cost that much.  What a total crock!  I strongly suspect that they had paid over the odds themselves and were trying to justify it OR that they were trying to hock their own services.  Well apparently everyone in the world can play at that game and I’m joining in.

I’ve started my own self publishing service as I’m sick of writers getting ripped off!

BOOM! it’s a self publishing service!

It won’t even cost you a grand, though (£350-£750), and that includes an edit, formatting, ISBN, graphics, a bit of sending books out to reviewers and bloggers and mini print run of 50-200 books.


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