Mad Like Us

This is an odd one this week, and if you have any advice I’d really be pleased if you comment.Our current competition (open internationally) is a joint one, poets short story writers and artists.
This contest’s theme is the Mad Like Us.
As with so many people, an increasing number of the people I love suffer from mental health problems and emotional distress of some type or other. What I’m finding, and this is a common complaint among these family members/ friends/ my partner, is that the literature around this subject seems to be about them, not by them.
While this is changing for the better, more needs to be done. I know that there isn’t much an individual can do about this or to normalize the conversations around mental health, but I have a micro indie publishing company and I’m going to put out a collection of work – poetry, visual art, short stories, letters, essays, flash fiction, photography – by people with first or second hand experience. I’ve run arts competitions before to get a nice range of participants, but I’m not sure how to approach this one.
Please comment below with any advice, details of the competitions are here, if you know anyone who might be interested please share with them too.


  1. There don’t appear to be any details as to where to send entries on any site I’ve visited regarding the competitions. Can you advise please? Thanks


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