Lost things

Lost things front coverThe time has come again for the wonderful poets who entered my poetry competition to be acknowledged.  There were quite a few good poets this time, and they should all be proud of themselves.

As usual, I’m not announcing the winner to anyone other than themselves, they can tell folk if they want, put it on their CV or whatever.  People have asked me about this a few times, and to be honest the reason why is quite a sad one.  I don’t like conflict and poetry, like all art, is subjective.  I’ve had, in the past, quite nasty emails from other contributors (now barred) about how their work was so much better than the person who won and threatening the judges and myself.  Nothing came of it as I explained the anonymity of the process and that art is subjective and that if people threaten me it doesn’t make me want to be nicer to them.  It makes me avoid them.

The work in this book is in no particular order and the order does not reflect our judgement of the writing. Each writer who has made it into this book has done so though their own hard work and merit.

King Yuk Rebecca Yeung, Puja Wattal, Emma Ormond, Danielle Bonanno, Diana Sanders, Kirsty McHattie, Karen W. Watson, Karen D. Francis, Melanie Gonsalves, Geraldine Marcellino, Jane Buttery, Ana Castellani, Teresa Milewski, Chloe Reeves, Glen Wilson, Fern Walter, Lesley Burt, Jacqui La-Vey, Rupert Locke, Tina Cole, Nancy Priest, Will Daunt, Rachel Hopkins, Paige Williams, Eileen Farrelly, Miguel Cullen, David Duncombe,Stephen Jackson, Simirt Tagar, Stuart Buck, David Hanlon, Mark Camilletti, James Price, Fionna Cumming, Joan Opie, Colin Dardis, Orian Norfolk,  Julie Sampson, Simon Jackson, Shirley Clayden, Philip Burton, Mary Prior, Nigel Kent

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