This isn’t strictly a post about the project, but it’s about something very close to my heart – Floydy.  My lab/lurcher rescue who is obsessed with water, cuddles and, while generally a complete joy to have in my life, stuffing.

The stuffing from his toys is a firm favorite but it  comes a close second to the stuffing from his beds.  He doesn’t eat the sofa or the cushions because he’s a good princess, but if something is his then it’s fair game!

His love of water is much more endearing, even if it does mean he comes home form our morning walks looking like this – IMG_0621

And yes, this is this morning’s mud all over the freezer door and the boxes in the background.  He loves mudding about and I’m a total sucker for it.  Doesn’t he manage to look sad about it all though?  There is something about the way we react to his sad face that has taught him he gets extra loves.   Don’t be fooled, though, he doesn’t get into that mess by accident.  Princess Floyd puts a lot of effort into getting in a state.

running in the mud

The question a lot of people will be wondering about when they read this is, why does he get away with it?  Why do I take him to play in the puddles or the reservoir everyday?  The simple, and frankly heartbreaking fact is, that when he first came to live with us water was one of the few things he wasn’t afraid of.  He was afraid of getting in a car, of dark rooms with open doors, of the stairs, of men in high viz jackets, of brooms and other cleaning equipment.  But water always made him happy.  Being able to make him happy is the biggest honor.  Having worked through all of those fears to have a (mainly) confident and happy animal helps me to feel like I’m worth something in this world.  My reasons for loving Floyd are very selfish. Watching my little princess curl up like a dormouse brings me so much contentment. IMG_0688

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