Disaster Strikes in Emma’s Attic

Our office, as some of you know, is my  attic (of Emma’s Attic Publishing and Emma’s Attic Studio).  Today, as the sun set in the purple winter sky, disaster struck.

The printing company we use are fantastic.  They’re real people and very helpful when ever I have any questions.  I sent the our latest book – Eclectically Grimm – to print last weekend for their 7 working day service, which would put the books in my hand tomorrow or Wednesday at the outside.   Excellent.

Today at three, having still not received the PDF proof, I phoned to see what was going on.  Apparently I should have called last week to find out where the proof was.  There’s no way I’m getting all of my books on time.  I might get them by the end of the week.  “ok, thanks.”  I put the phone down.

At first I shouted.

Then I cried.

Then I took a deep breath.  I have no idea what’s going on at their end.  For all I know there’s been a bereavement, or the guy who’s job it is to take the orders from the weekend was off sick all last week and nothing’s been processed.  There’s no way of knowing what’s going on in other people’s lives.  The fact is that for what ever reason, tragic or trivial, THE ORDER FOR MY BOOKS WAS OVERLOOKED and I’m facing the possibility of not being able to send out my prizes this week.  I really wanted everyone to have their prizes this week.

I cried again.

I then phoned the printing company again to find out when to expect the proof as it was an hour since I had called and there was still no sign.  The lovely bloke on the phone explained that his colleague was literally doing that now.  That told me that something must have gone wrong.  I’ve had a few dealings with this company before and nothing like that has ever happened.

I tried not to cry.

The man also said that it might be possible – if the proof is approved today- to send me a part order a little earlier.  I’m going to get all of my boxes labeled up ready.

It is now almost 5 and I’ve still not got my proof.

I might have another little cry.



(I had wanted to send the book to print earlier, but there were complications with the artists originally included with the cover art, whatever.  You live and learn)


  1. Artists originally included in the cover art? that sounds like you’ve had collaboration issues! a lot of people want to do things only their way and can be well snotty about any changes to their work.

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    1. That was definitely the case here, Laura! Without naming names, it was a bit of a nightmare. I think that people don’t realize how hurtful and damaging a few snide remarks and unreasonable requests can be to such a small operation. There was a real nastiness to it, and though I wasn’t legally obliged to comply, I did, just to get them out of my hair – they are no longer involved in that book!


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