Battle for Rome (Twilight of Empire #3) by Ian James Ross

To be honest I’m not usually a massive fan of historical fiction, it was a bit of a whim to read this book at all but oh boy I’m glad I did.
The way it was written didn’t make too much of a big deal of the fact that it has obviously been very well researched – which is one of the things that often puts me off- but rather fits the narrative comfortably into a very believable world. The style and characterisation of this book really did make it enjoyable, I’ll be on the look out for more by Ian James Ross.

I won Battle for Rome (Twilight of Empire, #3) in a goodreads giveaway

Below is the description of the book taken from the goodreads site and it is availiabe for sale here

“The third novel in this brilliant series, set at the end of the Roman empire, sees Constantine battling for supremacy against the tyrant Maxentius.

Centurion Aurelius Castus has been promoted to tribune and seems settled in a life of comfort with his new wife and young son. But Rome is in the tyrannical grip of the usurper Maxentius, and Constantine is forming a plan for a surprise attack from the west, in order to take the city.

Castus, who once saved the emperor’s life, is called upon to play a key role in the campaign. Once again he is caught up in events far beyond his control, where nothing is quite what it seems – not even his new marriage.”rome.jpg

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