Making Progress with the Next Saving Time Book. How do you write?

So far I’m 12,000 words in, and need to be much further along.  This weekend I need to write about 5,000 words in order to keep up with myself.  I would happily do more than that in a day when I was working as a ghost writer, but that was one off payment trash that would never see my name, so I wasn’t really invested in the quality of the output.

I should really practice what I preach in the writing class, so over the next few weeks I’ll be aiming at a 500 words a day minimum.  Discipline – that’s the key.  How do you tend to work best? Strong occasional bursts of creativity surrounded by days or even weeks of drought?  Or can you be more disciplined?  It is, after all, part of our job as a writer to actually write.  Do you have a set time of day when you’re most productive?  Have you a little nook of your own to write in?  Do you curl up in bed with an icy bottle of white and your laptop on your knee?

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