Competing in a Bustling Market

As any one who’s ever tried to sell anything that they’ve made themselves will tell you, competition is tough.  From handmade jewellery to artisanal pottery, the market is saturated.  I know dressmakers who sew the most exquisite work, yet struggle to stand out from the crowd.  What’s the answer then?  As an indie writer and publisher I am wondering this myself.  Competition here is even fiercer – there are thousands of self published writers vying for attention.  Could it be that competitions them selves are the answer to the competition problem?

Finding UK self publishing competitions that are within budget to enter is a little tricky, so if you have found any to add to my list please let me know in the comments.  These are the ones I’ve found under £40.  Read their terms and conditions carefully to see if you’re eligible.

The Rubery Book Award

The Wishing Shelf Self Publishing Awards

Bookstore Without Boarders – Lyra Award  (ebooks)

Words With Jam – First Page Competition

I’ll keep adding to this list as I go.


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