Floyd’s book!

Lovely Floyd’s book has finally arrived.
This charming 12 page book written by E. K. Lea and illustrated by Maggie Lea tells the heartwarming tale of Floyd, a sad dog who is rescued from a bad home and settles in with his new family.
This listing s for a pre-order, books will be sent out on Monday October 16th.
£1 from the sale of each boom bought before January 1st 2018 will go to Blue Cross for pets.
floyd back cover
It’s late and I’ve had to push the launch date back because the printer I use, though local and indie and lovely, are SO BLOODY SLOW and stretched their 7 working day order deadline by almost 200%. That’s right, maths folks. it too 20 working days for them to get here and no one even contacted me to let me know that they’d be late. STRESS! I don’t want to have to change to a new print company but it’s been every print job I’ve sent to them this year!

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