Goodnight Mr Tom, Sumerseat Players, Review.

I’m a crier, I cry. I’m not ashamed of that fact. But tonight’s performance of Good Night Mr Tom by Summerseat Players only left me with a total of maybe 20 mins where I wasn’t crying, and that was only because of the wonderful light relief provided by Henry Farmer as Zach. The lady behind me had to give me a tissue. It was beautiful.

I know the story well and thought that John Thaw’s Mr Oakly was what made it for me. not so. Bob Howell’s performance was so warm and heartfelt. Here was a man who had lost his wife and son and had learned to love again. He said to his dog (puppeteer Abbie Jones)that he didn’t know much about “mothering” and I fell head over heals. It was superb.

Joshua Parker’s Rendition of William was beautiful too. Having worked with abused children, his portrayal really moved me. I know that I cry too much at theater, but if you can get a ticket, if they’re not completely sold out and you can find yourself in Ramsbottom, see it. See Goodnight Mr Tom because you’ll regret it if you don’t

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