I’ve been neglecting the blog!

As you may or may not have noticed, I’ve totally been neglecting the blog lately. It’s the Mad Like Us competition. It’s been consuming my every waking hour. Even as I’m typing this I’m sending emails to my entrants and tweeting about it and thinking I should be doing more. While I’m at work it’s on my mind, while I’m with The Giant, it’s on my mind (not as much, but it’s there).
I love running these competitions, but the Mad Like Us one has really taken a hold – people NEED to talk, to paint, to do something to express themselves and there isn’t enough of an outlet for them. At all.
There needs to be a bigger platform. People like Aiden Hatfield (@AidenHatfield on twitter)and Ruby Wax and Stephen Fry are really opening up the conversation, but there needs to be a space for it, other than my little book. Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to be awesome, but there are so many more stories to be told!floyd 1 001

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