The Tiger and the Motoring Correspondent by Dr Greg

the tiger  This is not really a children’s book, but it can be read to children and they’ll like it, it’s not in anyway rude, it’s brilliant!

I was sent this as a batch of samples form the printer who does the work for my fledgling publishing company and could not stop giggling!  it’s so clever and at the same time completely silly!

The Tiger and the Motoring Correspondent by Dr Greg is the story of a tiger who is sent by the Ambassador of Argoslavinia to eat 3 motoring correspondents who are essentially the old Top Gear presenters, but in the end he agrees to only eat Jame’s May’s leg, as the program hadn’t upset EVERYBODY in Argoslavinia, just some people.

Unlike a lot of novelty picture books, the illustrations in this are actually quite good, and I’m looking forward to The Tiger and the Barista and The Tiger and The Liberal Democrat.

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