Reading Room’s First words

Ah ha!  Reading Room Cafe Project Publishing has it’s First Words with the launch of our first competition book.  Reading Room’s First Words is an anthology of competition winner’s poetry and short stories and it’s out, well, it’s been sent to print and  I do love a proper hard copy book.  hopefully it should get to everyone in time for Christmas, wouldn’t that be a perfect gift for someone’s mother?  A with their own poem in it?  I really hope they love it when it arrives.

We’ll be sending out copies to our wonderful winners and runners up and I’m so pleased with the poems and stories we selected. In no particular order

Toast by Andrew Collings, Walking Song byt Anthony Watts, Gethsemane by Alex Paul Moran, Simon by Margaret Wintour, Socks by Colin Kendall, Consultancy Room by Sam Hurcom, The light by Leo Vardishvili, Paper Doll by Dave Loomes and from me and Rachel, Back and Fish Super.


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