Writing to music, and a sneeky peek a secret project

I’m currently working on a strange idea that’s been wriggling in my brain for some time.  It’s a sort of crime thriller meets sci-fi/ fantasy.  It’s set in a border town called Abeyance.  It’s on a fissure between realities and is a gateway between worlds, because – as I said in a conversation I had a few years ago – “many of us are already teetering on the brink of reality”.

Essentially a British policeman chases a cop killer into the town and has to adjust to the strangeness, to Garda made up of mythological creatures and a station house housing more than just gardai.  I want it to have a western feel, but to sill be, in essence, a British whodunnit.

So I write along with some of my favorite young musicians to give me a a dark, gritty western background, in the hope it will feel more like 3:10 to Uma than Poirot or Fern Gully.  I’ve been listening to little lovely Holly Macve singing the Corner of my Mind and No One Has the Answers.  If you get a chance to see her when she’s on tour, it’s well worth it.  She’s fantastic.


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