*spoilers* Plot of the next Saving Time book

*spolier alert!*

The plot so far is a bit grim, but I suspect that’s the point.  I’m not going to give too much away, as the there are very few people who’ve read it yet, but here goes.

There are resolutions to some of the problems.  Tag comes around, the hour is sewn back, Jen is reunited with her son and we find out about the promises that Lilith the witch seems to be collecting.  We discover the identity of the an behind the Church Street Gang’s book theft, the mystery figure in the cave.  We find out about Del and Tag’s own magic and the children return to Libby’s library.

It also poses some new problems.  Who is the new sleeping child who has appeared?  Where has she come from and what is her purpose?  How does Fitz While know Tag and Del’s mothers?  What dark past connects them?  And what effect will the hour have had on Tag’s mind and body?

Any constructive ideas for changes or answers will be gratefully accepted.

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