Abraham , by Daniel Backer

Abraham is a fantastic sci-fi adventure with a hint of magical realism that really works for me.  The first, and most striking thing that you notice about Abraham is the unusual second person narrative.  This has been tried a few times but often falls flat, becoming irritating and clawing.  Not so here.  Backer has skilfully crafted a work that speaks to you and involves you in the life of the character Abraham.  Perhaps it’s Abraham’s amnesia that makes it work – he only knows what he finds out and so he discovers his own back-story as you do.
There are some fantastic phrases in this book, some of which I already use in my own everyday conversation but which are certainly worth mentioning.  I myself have been known to describe things as “utter wankery” and so it’s strangely familiar when Abraham – you­ – question the possibility of something being “outright wankery?”   It’s beautiful.
The plot is easy enough to follow but disturbing, as you discover that you know less and less about ‘yourself’.  Daniel doesn’t use excessive signposting, which I find refreshing and overall I’m glad I was sent this for review.  If you’re a sci-fi-fantasy fan who doesn’t mind a bit of nudity and swearing, I would definitely recommend that you give Abraham a go.
You can get a copy here amazon
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