So this morning I was brousing through an indie author facebook group that I’m a member of, and someone on there has been having problems with someone pirating their work. This reminded me that I’ve not done my regular sweep for a while so I thought I’d have a little google.
To my horror I found some baddie had begun selling “new” copies of my book at below what it would cost them to buy them from Amazon – who handle my print on demand stuff.
What’s more, they were selling it for more than a genuine, signed copy! (which, if you’re interested, you can get hold of here)
As explained here beautifully by Rowena Cherry, is NOT a victimless crime. It is theft. Boo hiss.
Have you had any problems with piracy? someone nicking your ideas? do you have any good/ funny ways of dealing with it if it happens to you? share your ideas and stories below.

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