Getting Social. Staying nice

The problem with social media is that I’m essentially a total prick. I know that I am. I only tweet about very specific things and I try to keep my facebook personal so that I don’t have to get into it.

I’ve got a lot of children’s picture books coming out to support various animal charities and in order to make sure I was saying the right things and supporting the right charities I’ve joined a lot of facbook groups. A LOT of facebook groups. I’ve actually found that a lot of them are quite nice, so long as no one asks for or gives behavioral advice on the dog groups. WOW! that can really blow up and it’s bad news. I’ve chosen the dog charity a and spoken to The Blue Cross for Floyd’s book. I’m staying out of the behaviour discussions on the dog groups. I think that’s all fine.

I made the mistake of asking one group about an illustration that I’ve had done. WHAT a bunch of cockwombles! I was checking to make sure that a photoshop cover up of a mistake my illustrator made would fly. It was a question about an illustration in a children’s book. I wasn’t asking for grammar or editorial advice. I have alpha readers and an editor for that.

Now, keeping in mind the fact that I’m definitely a total prick, how do you think I reacted when some moron corrects “keeps a specially careful eye” to “keeps a especial careful eye” because everyone’s a children’s writing expert? Not only was that a language and style choice, it was MORE CORRECT than the correction. I’m a total prick.

I was calm. I was nice. These morons are trying to help. I politely pointed out that “it would be “an especially” if we’re correcting me.”

How do you react to unprompted criticism and bullshit advice?

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