The Trouble with Daisy

Daisy’s book is out soon and I’m looking for cat charities to support with it. I’ve been talking to a very well known cats charity in the UK about using Daisy’s book to do a bit of fundraising and had some interesting feedback.

They took a while to get back to me and it was a no, but the feedback that they gave me was very useful. They said that “The rehoming messages conflict with our messaging as we wouldn’t advise getting a dog just because the cat isn’t their desired pet anymore.”

It shocked me that that was what they got from the book. For me, ‘Daisy’ is a warning against getting another pet without thinking about the consequences for current pets. While Daisy’s original owners weren’t bad people – they were my neighbors for many years and they did care for her very much – their characters are NOT the protagonists in Daisy’s story.

another daisy page

Cats can live for 20 years, and if you get a cat who’s afraid of dogs or other animals then you may have to consider being a one pet household for the life of the cat. This is something to consider BEFORE getting a cat. Before getting any pet.

When I got Floyd the dog my primary concern was to find a dog that would either ignore her completely or be a little nervous of her. Floyd had lived with cats before and was frightened of them – not to a degree that it was cruel on him to live with a cat.

Daisy’s story had a happy ending, sure, but it could easily not have done. It could have been a tragedy ending with us finding her frozen corpse under the car one winter morning, but I didn’t think that would have been a very good children’s book and it wasn’t the truth.

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