Writing jobs I didn’t get and learning not to care

The title of this blog is a lie. I still care. I care that I spend half an hour writing and checking that I have the perfect proposal. I care that I’m clearly getting undercut by someone not as good as me but cheaper. I care that it’s fine for my time to be wasted even though my time is sometimes the only commodity that I’ve got.
It’s not OK.
And when I – who has lived on less than 6k a year and had to pay rent and diesel and insurance out of that – put in a bid for £999 on a project with a maximum budget of £2000 I was appalled not to get the gig. I would have been perfect for that job. So I did a bit of snooping. The person who got the gig is doing it for £200! No no no! I don’t care how frugally you life there is no way that you can afford to write a novel in the west for £200. So it must have been farmed out to someone living in the middle/far east. To be honest, good luck to the writer who got hired. more power to them, I say. What annoys me is that the person hiring this job out won’t get western life relevant tips and advice and I’m glad! They don’t deserve it.
But it got my goat – really got my goat. So Bunny Stein has gone rogue, people! I’m going to re write the concept to a better one – waste reduction – and write the content for that sodding book and blog it. I’m so CROSS
PS, I warned you that the title is a lie!


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