Daisy Cat

Daisy had to leave her first home because she was not the primary consideration of her owners when they wanted another cute pet.
She lived on the streets for years, under cars, in the snow. We built a little shelter for her against our house because she wouldn’t come in from the cold. It took years of bad winters to coax her in and to get her to trust us enough. now she comes and goes as she pleases and sleeps in the house, some winters she doesn’t go out at all but it is her choice. Daisy struggled and survived.

Daisy’s book, Daisy, is out in a couple of weeks and a few people have a couple of questions. What is it? What is is about? What am I playing at?
What is it?
It’s a children’s picture book
What is is about?
Pet cats, the considerations we have to make when making changes to our household if we have pet cats and how Daisy – after a bit of coaxing – came to live with me.
What am I playing at?
I think teaching children at an early age that pets are not disposable is important and I think cat rescue charities are invaluable in the struggle to keep them safe in the short and long term. Daisy trouble
Where can I get it?
Well I know no one has asked that, but you can get it from my etsy shop here or at the Manchester Peace and Craft Fair – dates to be confirmed.

Cats can live for 20 years, and if you get a cat who’s afraid of dogs or other animals then you may have to consider being a one pet household for the life of the cat. This is something to consider BEFORE getting a cat. Before getting any pet.

When I got Floyd the dog my primary concern was to find a dog that would either ignore her completely or be a little nervous of her. Floyd had lived with cats before and was frightened of them – not to a degree that it was cruel on him to live with a cat.

Daisy’s story had a happy ending, sure, but it could easily not have done. It could have been a tragedy ending with us finding her frozen corpse under the car one winter morning, but I didn’t think that would have been a very good children’s book and it wasn’t the truth.

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