An object to be stared at?

Very interesting piece. I don’t write about my own wheelchair experiences because I don’t use mine often – probably because of what’s described here – even though it’s definitely damaging my body not to use it.

Wheelie an academic

A few weeks ago I was taking advantage of the lovely UK heat wave and having a staycation in the Cotswolds. I always try to time holidays and days out when children are at school so that 1) places are less crowded and 2) I don’t get as many people starting at me. I know I can’t avoid either of those entirely and most of the time staring in small doses doesn’t bother me but one particular incident on this holiday keeps intruding on my thoughts.

Let me preface this and say that I know that kids stare and I also know that some kids who look ‘old enough’ to know better can’t stop themselves for lots of different reasons – this is partly why I don’t tend to challenge anyone about it. However, to experience this staring on and off all day, even by little kids, is extremely tiring…

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