Showers and Baths

I don’t like showers and put them off as long as I can – if I’m not leaving the house I’ll happily not bother.  In the summer hols I regularly smell like an angry bear.  If there’s no one else to be upset by this, it doesn’t worry me.  When I’m working or have visitors I’ll make myself shower.  I don’t mind a bath, but the environmental impact of a daily bath would be more than I can realistically make up for by using bath water to flush the loo and planting trees.

I’m picking up my lovely Giant this evening and haven’t had him to myself in months.  I need not to stink tonight.

After I got out of the bath I was looking up a guy who I met on twitter and who is helping me to fix my children’s book for main stream children about how to adapt their behaviors to improve things for their class mates with autism. Before it is I want input from people who are autistic.  Jamie Knight (Jamie and Lion) got in touch and has sent me some really useful edits I need to make.

So I looked him up and it turns out he has the same thing with showers and baths too (though for different reasons).

Then I realized that I, too, have an important bath routine that I really need and that I get overwhelmed when anything is disrupted.  DON’T FUCK UP MY BATH TIME!

I run the bath.  I shut out the animals (Floydy eats the bubbles).  I bring in my fully charged laptop.  I add the bubbles and fluff them up.  I put an empty bottle on the side to pour water onto myself with.  I dry my hands.  I find a Terry Pratchett audiobook to listen to.  I get undressed (socks first, I’m not a pervert).  I get in the bath.  I press play.  Any interruption to this routine renders the whole bath null and void, I’ll try again tomorrow.

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